Community Rules

Hey, this is important! To participate in WOKE.NET, you must follow these ground rules:

No Hate Speech.

No inciting/condoning/supporting any forms of violence.

Treat developing situations with care.

Please do not speculate on any alleged victims/offenders information out of respect.

Don’t be rude.

Treat each other with kindness. Refrain from needless insults and/or personal attacks.

Avoid sweeping generalizations.

This includes people of any religion, belief, system, political party, etc.

Do not impersonate.

Do not pretend to be other members of the community.

Respect privacy.

Absolutely no doxing will be tolerated including the posting of addresses, phone numbers or other personal and business information.

No spam.

No affiliate links or excessive caps. All conversations must be in English.

Repeat violators will be permanently banned from participating in any of our communities. If you believe you were banned in error, see our ban appeal form.